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Healthcare for Healthy Minds has the tools or techniques you need, to have the life you deserve. 
If it's time you let go of the excuses and begin to make healthier choices, then we are here to help you take the necessary first steps to put you on the                               path to health and happiness.

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The value of time.. must watch .. very true ....

"It's time to start living the life you've imagined" - Henry James 

With a team of professional life coaches all masters in hypnotherapy, based throughout Toowoomba and The Darling Downs and now servicing the Fraser Coast we are available to get started with making a positive difference to your life today. If you are located outside of these regions we have a range of online and phone coaching services to meet your needs. Make use of our contacts page to arrange an appointment.

Healthcare for Healthy Minds is a proud member of 

Australian Counselling Association